2 August 2023

Flight cancellation compensation

Flight cancellation compensation

Traveling by plane has become a popular way to move long distances in Spain in recent years. However, with the increase in the number of flights, the number of unexpected situations, such as flight cancellation, has also increased. We understand the frustration associated with such an event and have therefore prepared an article on compensation for a canceled flight in Spain.

Passenger Rights when Cancelling a Flight in Spain

Acceptance of an Alternative Flight
If you decide to accept the proposal for an alternative flight, you are entitled to a free change of reservation, and in some cases, compensation for lost time. You do not have the right to a refund of the ticket price in such a case.

Resignation from Travel
If the proposed alternative flight is not satisfactory for you, you have the right to resign from travel. In such a case, the carrier must refund you the money for the ticket, and depending on the reason for the cancellation, you may be entitled to compensation.

Criteria for Awarding Compensation for a Cancelled Flight in Spain

Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 sets out the conditions that must be met for a passenger to receive compensation for a canceled flight in Spain. The rules are identical to those in other European Union countries.

Amount of Compensation for a Cancelled Flight in Spain

The amount of compensation is identical to that in other European Union countries and ranges from 250 to 600 euros, depending on the length of the planned flight.

How to Claim Compensation in Spain?

First, you should contact the airline carrier. If the carrier refuses to pay compensation, and you believe you are entitled to it, you can file a complaint with the appropriate authority overseeing air traffic. In Spain, this would be the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).

How to Get Help with Compensation for a Cancelled Flight in Spain?

If you encounter problems in obtaining compensation, you can make use of the services of companies specializing in assisting with compensation claims for canceled flights in Spain. Remember that flight cancellation does not always mean the right to compensation in Spain. It is important to know your rights as a passenger and to know what steps to take in case of a flight cancellation. If you have doubts or need support, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in passenger rights and are happy to help you understand your rights and support you in the compensation claim process. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we provide professional assistance at every stage of the process.